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Most companies now have some need for IT and software in the workplace and many either cannot afford to, or feel reluctant to employ people permanently to support these systems. altFusion offers a reliable alternative to permanent IT support staff and many of our customers find this service invaluable. Because we have experts in all areas of the IT industry we can offer expert knowledge and extremely efficient means of diagnosing and fixing issues. altFusion offers a three tier support service to organisations of all sizes in the UK and abroad. The three tiers ensures that our support scales to large multinational companies while also allowing smaller businesses the opportunity to access our bank of expertise.

Software support services include:

  • - Remote troubleshooting via telephone and online communication.
  • - Implementing new product and product update installations.
  • - Handling migrations for new major software releases.
  • - Code based updates.
  • - Software bug fixes and usability issues.
  • - Dealing with hosting issues and external technical support teams.
  • - Fixing broken or hacked servers.

Our support includes many types of pro-active and re-active software support. The products and technologies we support fall into the following major sections:

Data related Software Support

Most systems will need to be driven from some kind of database server, and this needs supporting and maintenance to make sure the data that feeds an application isn't corrupted or broken in some way. altFusion predominantly works with and supports Microsoft technologies. This means we are experts with MS SQL Server (2000 to 2012) however some of the veteran developers can also offer similar support to other database tools.

A list of database technologies we support is listed below:

  • - MS Access
  • - MS SQL Server
  • - MYSQL (phpMyAdmin)
  • - SQLite (storage for mobile applications)

Desktop Software Support

A desktop application can range from being an ASP.NET forms based PC application to being a Flashbuilder application or even a native application for mobile or tablet devices. We have vast experience of chasing through anomalies and issues. Because some of our team comes from what may be considered the old school of software engineering / computer science, they can drill down and dissect a system with a great eye for picking out the right areas to concentrate on. Even if certain areas of a system are hidden behind compiled code (a DLL with no accompanying source code) then we can still use our knowledge of gathering as much information from around the outside of the compiled code to get a good understanding of what might be happening inside it.
A list of desktop application technologies we support is listed below:

  • - ASP.Net Software (VB.Net and C#)
  • - Compact Framework tools for windows mobile and Pocket PC devices
  • - C++
  • - XCode (Objective C for iPhone and iPad apps.)
  • - Actionscript (for Flash and Flex applications)
  • - Systems using 3D graphics engines including the XNA, OGRE and Unity
  • - New gaming tools such as Microsoft Kinect and Oculus Rift development.

Web based Software Support

Most of our support requests are for web or internet based systems. Whether it is a public website that needs attention or a company intranet, we can comfortably navigate our way around most I.T. systems in use today. We work with some very secure systems and always take care to follow procedures where privacy and security may be an issue.
A list of web application technologies we can comfortably support is listed below:

  • - ASP.Net Software (VB.Net and C#). All versions from v1.0 to v4.5
  • - PHP
  • - Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, and Kentico to name a few

Mobile Application Software Support

altFusion have a long history of developing for mobile devices. This goes right back to developing systems for some of the earliest Pocket PCs and has continued through to developing apps for the latest smart phones and tablets.
We support apps that use the following technologies:

  • - XCode for iPhone and iPad apps
  • - Java for Android apps
  • - Microsoft Compact Framework for Pocket PC and Windows mobile apps
  • - Windows Mobile 7 and newer apps
  • - Blackberry device apps.

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Premium Support

Our premium software support package is aimed at companies which run critical systems and may need immediate attention when things go wrong. These issues have the potential to cause major operational disruption for both the organisation and their clients. With our premium level software support you can rest assured that any software problems will be dealt with immediately no matter what time of the day or which day of the year to limited the impact on your business and its efficient operation.

This options requires a monthly support retainer to ensure prioity.

Enhanced Support

The Enhanced support offering is designed for companies that do not wish to pay a monthly retainer for an immediate solution but do wish to have issues dealt with as a high priority. The diagnosis and plan of action will be provided to the client within one working day. At this service level we will aim to provide a solution within four working days (dependent upon complexity).

Time for support on the enhanced level will be charged at a rate per hour.

Standard Support

Our standard support is aimed at organisations were software issues are not business critical. With our Standard Software Support a diagnosis of the issue and plan of action will be provided to the client within two working days. At this service level we will provide a solution from five to ten working days (dependent upon complexity).

Time for support on the standard level will be charged at a rate per hour.