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Favourite Specialisms

Lindsay who is a director of altFusion has been a professional software developer since the mid 1990's, although his first ever software program was written as a hobbyist in 1985 on a Commodore 64.

Since then Lindsay has taken a keen interest in computer graphics and the realism of Virtual Reality.

Lindsay’s interests include owning classic cars, because he has at some point owned an AC Cobra, a Land Rover Defender and more recently a classic Porsche 911.

DJing 1990s Happy Hardcore and 2000 Hard Trance styles took Lindsay around the world on a tour of Australia where he played some major festivals and club nights. It was also at the end of this tour that Lindsay met his now wife.

While studying Computer Science at University Lindsay learned to play the acoustic guitar. This is a skill that he has kept up and practises from time to time.

Lindsay takes pride in his determination to tackle a problem and overcome issues thrown in his way by new tools and technologies. This is ever more apparent in the mobile app development world which is still a new and emerging industry. Lindsay is familiar with most of the tools for building apps.

David has been working as a professional software developer since 1995 and has managed internal software teams as well as being a freelancer, a consultant for a large European software development firm and now a director and owner of altFusion. He holds a BSc in Computer Science as well as a Masters Degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry and a number of technical qualifications. In addition he is currently being reviewed for membership in the British Computer Society as a Chartered IT Professional.

When he's not working he likes to travel with his partner Rachel, has a penchant for over the top sporting challenges and has completed marathons in both New York and London.

He's now wondering which city to run round next!

Darren developed a passion for computers at an early age whilst playing Space Invaders on the BBC Micro. Whilst growing up he moved around Europe and speaks both German and Italian. He then went on to read Computer Science at University and complete a Masters degree in Business and Finance. Recently he spent several years working at The Perse School where he was responsible for their entire IT infrastructure and services.

Darren has recently passed his driving test and is keen to show the rest of the driving public what they've been missing on the roads. In addition he's a keen adventure sports enthusiast and has just started kite surfing.

Peter recently joined the altFusion team to provide SEO skills and expertise for existing and new clients. Since starting, Peter has taken a keen interest in programming and is well on his way to be proficient in Actionscript and Flashbuilder. He also has a Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate in Marketing and several years of SEO experience.

When he isn’t learning new skills or working, Peter enjoys gaming and has a keen interest in cooking, often trying out new combinations and ideas.

Ryan enjoys using a wide range of technologies and is always keen to learn new ones to meet the need of a project.

Ryan has always been into computers from when he can remember, whether it be working or playing on them. His real passion is for graphic design, animations and video. After seeing Adobe present EDGE at a conference recently Ryan is now mixing animation with html5 to produce some amazing results.

Away from computers Ryan has always been involved in paintball and has recently started his own team that is proving highly successful in a very short space of time attracting the attention of some of the sports major sponsors.

What I have been working on

Morrisons supermarkets have their own suppliers of cattle for their beef. Processes are in place which are involved with sourcing beef and planning how to keep the shelves full. While these systems work very well Morrisons wants to keep trying new things and streamlining their processes. They own an experimental farm in Scotland where they try different things out to lower costs and make things more efficient. One of these streamlining plans is to automate the care of cattle. The implications of this are that farms in hard to reach places such as the outback Australia can run more efficiently without the need for a farmer to be onsite as much.

The plan would be to have cattle which can be identified from tags worn, and then food amounts can be tailored or medicine injected into food hoppers specifically for that animal.

altFusion’s task was to begin the process and write the part of the system that recognises the cow and records their weight to show trends on if they are gaining or losing weight.

It was decided that the best place to get a cow's weight would be at the point where they are eating. This would be the point where their head would be in the food hopper so their ear tag can be read. This is also the point where all four feet would be on the weighing platform and they should be moving around the least so the readings would be more accurate.

Lindsay took the two main devices (ear tag RFID reader, and weighing scales) and wrote a PC desktop program which allows cattle to be added to the system and records how often they come to the food hopper and their weight reading each time. It is presented in a user interface to allow Morrisons to add and remove cattle, and get full reporting on any cow in the system and if they missed feedings or seem to be losing weight. The system is being used and plans are in place to add more features to it and roll it out to live farms.

What I have been working on

Presently I'm working on a multi-tier mortgage quotation framework for a major high street bank.

The objective is to deliver a rapid response and real-time quote processing mechanism.

Industry standard top-end security and finely honed database indexing and distributed query processing make this an enjoyable but rewarding challenge.

What I have been working on

Immersed a multi-platform tablet development project, I've been enjoying developing a dynamic, data-driven Sales Management and Coaching application for use by the Salesforce of a major Blue Chip Pharmaceutical company.

With successful releases already in production, our current efforts have concentrated on sophisticated graphing and data querying analysis tools.

Utilising ADOBE AIR and the new STAGE 3D layer we are maximising performance and responsiveness with large complex datasets across mobile platforms.

What I have been working on

I am currently busy doing extensive keyword research as part of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign for a well-respected land and property professional business.

This research will ultimately enable us to find the best keywords to target and will also provide a detailed list of their competitors in terms of search engines.

Once we have decided on the final set of keywords, we can optimise the new website we are building for them and hopefully see some great initial ranking results.

What I have been working on

I've been busying working on the design and frontend interface of the Charlton Athletic e-Ticketing solution.

Enhancing the rich user experience whilst providing responsive and intuitive GUI means lightweight robust frameworks and seamless communication across application tiers.

The implementation is making use of the latest HTML5 collective technologies, inlcuding knockout.js for enhanced UI and dynamic binding.

Operating as a HTML5 Web Application the site makes extensive use of AJAX for data communications and page updates. This allows the applicaton to work and feel just like a fast responsive desktop app whilst presenting across a full range of end user devices.